Aluminium Decks


Aluminium decks offer a uniform design consistency that lasts long into the future with all the appeal of a timber deck.

It’s not always the first thought you’d have if you’re planning to build a new deck. The appeal of a timber deck is a long standing tradition that has until recent years has been the preferred choice. However as property locations are rezoned due to bushfires, and people become increasingly time poor, the idea of owning a timber deck is not always an option. In fact, for many people an aluminium deck is becoming the preferred choice for a variety reasons.

Aluminium decks are available in a wide variety of colours and finishes. The finished product has a timber appearance but with a more consistent straight line finish. There is minimal maintenence required, and the deck is pest resistent preventing white ants from entering the home.

There are many benefits to building an aluminium deck. If you’re considering an alternative to a timber deck, the Aluminium Deck may be perfect for you. To organise a quote or for any questions you may have simply contact a Hi-Craft Design Consultant today!